Changing the way the world moves

Integralia wants to play a leading role in the new era of mobility.

55% of the world’s people live in an urban environment, according to a United Nations report, which estimates that this proportion will increase by up to 13% by 2050. Sustainable development will increasingly depend on properly managing the growth of cities, especially in low- and middle-income countries, which will lead the process. This will further aggravate the current problem of congested and polluted urban concentrations, with all that this entails in terms of health problems and high urban traffic accident rates.

In a scenario of climate emergency and urban overpopulation, the commitment to collective transport systems is more important than ever. Models are needed that encourage greater use of public transport both inside and outside cities. A commitment that involves the implementation of policies and mechanisms that promote greater investment in public transport to increase its capacity and make it more efficient. Moreover, the partially autonomous mobility model is already a reality, although one hundred percent autonomous driving in which man can completely disappear from the scene will not be feasible for some time.

Transforming mobility

The necessary evolution towards sustainable mobility is a major challenge for today’s society. The actors promoting this transformation are already creating added value, not only environmentally but also economically and socially.

This is the context that gives rise to the origin and purpose of the activity of UMILES Next, a company committed to the future of societies and, therefore, of the planet. The company develops UMILES Next solutions and the mobility of the future of transition towards a UMILES Nextsustainable air and land mobility, with a disruptive model in which technology and talent come together to provide efficient solutions. 

In the field of aerial mobility, UMILES Next presented last year the first air taxi with 100% Spanish technology, called Concept, in collaboration with Tecnalia; a prototype of a ‘drone of drones’ that will allow in the future the transport of passengers and goods in a safe and sustainable way. 


UMILES Next is positioned as a pioneering company in the double commitment to the new air and ground mobility; being the first manufacturer to bring to market both aircraft and ground vehicles for operators of the new advanced mobility, taking advantage of the synergies of technology in both markets in a safe and sustainable way. 


The future of mobility is efficient and sustainable, a reality in which Integralia is also part of. Integralia’s CEO, Óscar Lana, participated in ‘Changing how the planet moves’, a meeting promoted by UMILES Next. At the event held in Malaga, different conferences and round tables were held with some of the most relevant projects of the new mobility. The objective? To share experiences and inspiration with the most relevant actors of the new mobility to write together the future of an advanced, efficient and sustainable transport.

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