Cheers to a 2022 full of good news!

If 2020 was a difficult year for our industry, then the one that we are saying goodbye to now has become even more complicated. At Integralia we say goodbye to a year in which we have glimpsed the path of recovery on the horizon but have not managed to reach it. In 2021 we have added a very complex global situation of supply problems to the hangover of uncertainty left by the pandemic


This perfect storm has allowed us to appreciate one of the great fortunes we enjoy in our company: our customers, who have placed great trust in us and have never questioned our professionalism, despite the collateral damage we have suffered due to the chaos that has reigned around the world. 


Furthermore, in this complicated year, at Integralia we are very proud of the great human team that makes up this company and that has given it all in 2021. In our team we have great professionals, who have displayed a high level of involvement and commitment in complicated moments. I would like to thank each and every one of the people who work at Integralia, who are always ready to give the best of themselves to create unique, revolutionary mobility solutions at the forefront of the market.


We will not be able to describe 2021 as a “good year”, but we will always be grateful for the opportunity to show the strength upon which Integralia’s foundations are built. Our company is established over very solid pillars, which encourage us to hope that the situation will stabilize in 2022, and that we will be able to give way to a new era. 


From Integralia, let’s toast together to a 2022 full of good news!



Óscar Lana 

CEO at Integralia

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