Integralia facilitates fleet management for transport companies.

Warranty extensions, customer service, leasing, buyback and spare parts are the repoker that Integralia offers to make it easier to manage vehicles, get them up and running and maintain them. 

Integralia has completed the portfolio of services it offers for the renewal and maintenance of its customers’ fleets. The bodybuilder from Navarre has presented a video to show the range of tools it offers with the aim of making vehicle management as easy as possible for transport companies. 


Warranty Extension  

Warranty Extension (WE) is Integralia’s latest launch. It offers up to five years of bodywork warranty, to which the chassis can be added. What does it aim to achieve? To avoid unforeseen events, to keep variable costs under control and to have the support of lntegralia. 

Customer Service (SAT) 

One of the strong points of Integralia is the quality of its after-sales service, the capacity to facilitate the resolution of problems at great speed, with simplicity and seeking the peace of mind of the transport companies. This is the area that works for customers from within the company. This is its strong point, what sets it apart, what the management transmits to any employee who joins Integralia. We are all Customer Service! 


The option of expanding the fleet with a minibus via leasing is becoming increasingly popular in an economic environment in which instability is the most common. Faced with the ups and downs of business, Integralia offers its renting to facilitate the reinforcement of its customers’ fleets without needing financial muscle and thus be able to deal with the uncertainty of the near future. 


When renewing the fleet, Integralia takes over the old model. The Customer Service Department assesses the vehicle, Integralia refurbishes it and can give it a second life. A service that reduces the cost of a purchase and facilitates fleet management. 

Spare parts 

Integralia sends original and approved parts to any part of the world where its customers need them. Throughout the whole process there is a constant flow of information, in which costs and estimated delivery times are explained in detail. 

These are just some of the services Integralia offers to demonstrate that the reliability, durability and quality of its minibuses is second to none.

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