Rafael Pérez Sainz joins Integralia as Head of Product Quality.

The minibus company is firmly committed to continuous improvement, excellence and sustained growth with this move.

Integralia is convinced that there are three factors that will maintain the sustained growth that the Navarrese coachbuilder has been maintaining for years: the search for excellence, continuous improvement and the focus on always offering added value to its customers. The strategy of strengthening these three key points has taken a new step forward with the incorporation of Rafael Pérez Sainz as Head of Product Quality.


The functions of the Product Quality department are related to supervising the proper internal and external operation of all the processes involved in the manufacture of a minibus. These include checking the external bodywork of all the company’s minibuses and verifying the internal operation of the vehicles.


Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the sector, Rafael Pérez Sainz will be a key player in the growth and continuous improvement of Integralia Movilidad. Throughout his professional career, Rafael has worked both as an employee and as the head of his own company. This experience has allowed him to develop a comprehensive and detailed vision, focused on quality and continuous improvement. In short, his tireless dedication and commitment to excellence are perfectly in line with Integralia’s values.


The new profile of the company has been enthusiastic about being able to contribute new ideas for improvement. He highlights the quality of the product and the good work of Integralia’s employees, as well as the solidity of the production process: “My colleagues have been very welcoming, they are very motivated to do things well and work towards constant improvement”, he confirms.


On this trip that has just begun, Rafael says that he would love to travel around Europe at the wheel of one of Integralia’s minibuses, as his hobbies include travelling. As for the music on the road: “Rock and Roll, without a doubt”. This personal side reflects his adventurous spirit and his love for excellence in all areas of his life.

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