T.S.E. Tourisme & Transport acquires a minibus for tourist purposes for the Côte d’Azur

The French company expands its fleet, placing its trust in Integralia for the first time due to the good references it has received from different transport companies on the French Côte d’Azur.


Where are Integralia minibuses designed? This question is usually asked when a potential customer has a relationship with someone from the Navarrese company. The answer is clear: in the head of the person who is going to buy it. The possibilities for customising Integralia minibuses are endless. 


OK, fine. But what happens next? To get the client’s ideas out of their head and to be able to design the final minibus, there is always a meeting, paper, pens and notes. The guidance and recommendation of someone from the Integralia team. And that happens somewhere. On this occasion, this T-ONE XL began to take shape in a hotel.


T.S.E. Tourisme & Transport is the first time it has trusted Integralia to expand its fleet. The French company is focused on private tourism services, VTC and personalised transport related to business travel. It has been operating since 2017 in the Côte d’Azur and Provence areas of France.


How did you hear about Integralia? Through other transport companies in the Marseille, Nice and Avignon areas. The different recommendations highlighted three things: the quality of the vehicles and all the equipment included, the ability to meet shorter delivery times and the great customer service. T.S.E. Tourisme & Transport was looking for a minibus with a comfortable interior, high safety standards and plenty of storage capacity.


This minibus has become a reality. It is a 19-passenger plus driver T-ONE XL with a spacious luggage compartment thanks to the XL extension made by Integralia and the optional luggage compartment that increases the maximum luggage storage capacity to 1.7 cubic metres. The vehicle delivered has a 190 hp automatic engine to provide the best performance in the varied landscapes and terrain of the company’s area of operation.


This French company, led by its managing director Thibaut Saussotte, is looking to open up new avenues of business with its first minibus. Its values are focused on developing its specialisation in the world of tourism and business transport with maximum attention to customers who move in the area of the French Riviera, the French Alps and the beautiful region of Provence. The first step at T.S.E. Tourisme & Transport has already been taken. Of course, it has been firm and correct thanks to their choice, a large minibus in which they will be able to transmit to their passengers the comfort and capacity to provide a five-star service. Now all that remains is to start publicising this new service. Because if you do things right, some people will tell others where the best products and services are available. This is how TSE got to know Integralia and I’m sure this is how new customers will get to know TSE’s trips.

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