Ensuring the highest quality in each of our services is a priority for Integralia. Our work model, through continuous improvement, allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses applied to all areas of the organization, establishing a level of excellence in management in each of the key aspects, and setting priorities on which to work.


Through this leasing service, we convert the purchase of a bus into a fixed cost, thus making it easier for our customers to have a new vehicle at the end of the contract.


At Integralia we take care of your old vehicle when you buy a new one. Our after-sales department will appraise it and tune it up to give it a second life so we can keep our vehicles running with the greatest security.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

Our mission is for our vehicles not to be stationed for more than the time necessary to make a revision, that is why we invest a lot of effort in agreements with reliable workshops, ease of part identification, and quality materials and interventions that are made in our vehicles. Any incident will be attended to through Integralia’s Customer Service Department.

Integralia Customer Service

It’s our flagship. We consider it to be the most important thing we do every day. For us, customer service must be of the highest quality. It is therefore our philosophy that customer support is a fundamental building block in our employees’ DNA.

Micro - Buses


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