At Integralia we focus on our customers. We want every road trip to be made with the fewest possible worries. That is why we have designed an extended warranty service down to the last millimetre, making your peace of mind our priority:
Integralia’s WE service is the easiest way to avoid any surprises. Through it we convert your variable expenses into a fixed one, so that you can enjoy your vehicle with total tranquillity.
Focused on your comfort, WE allows you to extend your vehicle’s warranty by 2 or 3 years, choosing the option that best suits your needs.

Contact the SAT service at the time of purchase to request it and find out all the benefits.

WE are IN!

Benefits of the Extended Warranty

Longer tranquillity

Your vehicles protected so you can focus on growing your business.

Fixed price and stable costs

Fixed cost of repairs against variable and unpredictable costs

Flexible service

Choose the extension period that best suits your needs (+2 or +3 years)

Increased trade-in value

Should you decide to sell your vehicle, it will have obtained official repairs under the supervision of SAT Integralia.

The confidence of having our team at your side

The SAT Integralia team at your disposal for more years.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the warranty extension

WE is a warranty extension plan of  two or three years on the bodywork of Integralia vehicles, with a limit of 250,000 km.

The service includes the same coverage as the basic Integralia commercial warranty, for the contracted period of time. That is, all the repairs included in the bodywork warranty of your Integralia vehicle.

The WE service is acquired at the time of purchase, through the SAT department.

The service is offered for all the models that Integralia has, including those acquired through leasing.

The service offers various benefits, among which the following stand out:

  • The peace of mind of knowing that your vehicles are protected.
  • A fixed price for your vehicle’s repairs, as opposed to variable and unpredictable costs.
  • The flexibility to choose the extension period that best suits your needs.
  • The confidence of having Integralia’s SAT team at your disposal for more years.
  • A higher repurchase value.

The service can only be extended up to a maximum of 3 years over the 2-year basic commercial warranty.

The service is effective at the time of contracting and for the selected period of time (2 or 3 years).

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