Argelès Tourisme Voyages entrusts Integralia with the renewal of its fleet of minibuses.

The French company acquires a 22-passenger school transport vehicle.

Argelès Tourisme Voyages (ATV) has chosen Integralia to incorporate a school minibus with 22 seats plus driver, which complies with all mandatory school regulations in France. This minibus is equipped with an ethylometer to guarantee its operability, an essential measure for transporting students from their homes to their schools in the neighbouring country. In addition, Integralia has customised the vehicle to meet the specific needs of the French company. On this occasion, an additional option has been integrated into the vehicle’s equipment, consisting of XL signs designed to provide information on the stops to be made along the route.

The headquarters of the French transport company, Argelès Tourisme Voyages, is located in Argelès-sur-Mer, a town in the 66th department of Pyrénées-Orientales in the Occitania region. Argelès-sur-Mer is part of the historical region of Roussillon, which borders the Catalan region of Haute Empordà to the south. Since 1962, the family-run company has been involved in coach hire and the organisation of tourist trips and excursions in its area, as well as in the rest of France and internationally, in addition to providing intercity transport services. It therefore required a multi-purpose vehicle capable of meeting passenger transport needs in different contexts.

Integralia, with more than twenty years of experience in the French market, is recognised as one of the leading developers of specific minibuses for school transport in France. Although France and Spain share similar concerns about the safety and efficiency of school transport, there are significant differences in terms of regulation, organisation, financing and local practices that reflect the particularities of each country. Integralia is well aware of these differences as it has its own commercial network in the neighbouring country. The reputation of the Navarre-based company has been built on the basis of quality, experience and reliability in meeting the needs of various companies, thus earning the trust of companies specialising in passenger transport.

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