How to service the minibus air conditioning system

The vehicle’s air conditioning system is essential for comfortable service. Checking it for a few minutes every 50,000 km or every 6 months can prevent some problems.


As temperatures rise in the spring, the air conditioning system needs to be overhauled. During this time of year, this system becomes an essential part of most minibus journeys.  The temperature inside the vehicle is vital for passengers to be able to travel comfortably.

Integralia makes maintenance as easy as possible for the owners of its minibuses. To this end, it includes in the IBBC the steps to be followed to check each of the systems that make up the bodywork of the minibus. The company recommends that these are carried out every 50,000 km or every 6 months, in order to avoid surprises.

The air conditioning system takes air from outside the vehicle and constantly blows it into the passenger compartment at the temperature selected by the driver of the minibus and in the chosen quantity. A simple process, which if neglected can lead to the system having to be repaired in order to be able to operate a minibus.

Compressor maintenance

Before anything else, the compressor must be checked. First the belt must be aligned and retightened, then the bolts, plate and rollers must be checked. Throughout the installation, the person responsible for the inspection must check that the insulation and valves are correct. 

Cooling system

The second point is the cooling system. Check the fluid levels and watch for leaks. Check the condition of the filter and replace it every two years. The next item is the electrical installation and controls. Check the turbines, the fans, the Front Box, the activation of the flap and that the control makes everything work. 

Roof equipment

Next it is the turn of the roof equipment: the first thing to check is that there is no ingress of rainwater. Then, if necessary, the filters must be replaced. In other words, check the state of the thermal insulation and check that the condensation water is draining correctly. Clean the coils, condensers, check the pressures, screws and electric fans. To finish with the maintenance of the air conditioning system, the state of the pressures must be analysed with the vehicle started and then warm.

To sum up? In the time it takes for one episode of a series, just over 50 minutes, you can check the thirty or so points that make up a vehicle’s air-conditioning system. This analysis can prevent unnecessary scares when the minibuses hit the road after the winter. In addition, this check can be carried out by any inexperienced person, you don’t need to be a professional or have any knowledge of mechanics, just follow the steps outlined in the manual that Integralia includes in the IBBC of the minibus itself. And, of course, if you have any questions, Integralia’s customer service department is always available to extend the life of the vehicle’s bodywork as much as possible.

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