IBBC is an electronic management system designed to simplify and control the functions of a minibus, freeing the driver from tedious buttons so they can focus on their main mission: driving. Two touch screens collect all the information and settings of the bus, from both the engine and the possibilities inside the vehicle. Intuitive IBBC interface in four languages (Spanish, English, French and German).

The IBBC management system will evolve according to future user demands, regulations, etc…


  • Control the integral lighting of the vehicle:

  • Operate the service door: opening and closing, courtesy light, and special programming.

  • Climate control.

  • GPS.

  • Communication/information screen: visualization of cameras, trunks, opening, etc.

  • Multimedia system: controls radio, Bluetooth, any electronic system with a USB cable, microphone, and other sound inputs. It has dual zone function to separate passenger and driver sound.

  • Activate platform for people with reduced mobility.

  • Configuration: Access to language settings, system info, control unit, etc…

Integralia’s innovation team has led the entire design process of the IBBC, a tool already included as standard in all our T-One and One models. This system is the result of a deep analysis of our customers’ user experience with the aim of allowing drivers to use all of the vehicle’s possibilities and focus on our priority: the comfort and safety of travelers.

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