ONE, the most complete minibus on the market: everything you need to know

Discover why ONE is the undisputed leader in its segment thanks to its high capacity, safety and unrivalled comfort.


ONE is much more than just a minibus, it is a premium vehicle that has established itself as the best minibus thanks to its equipment, design and innovative technical features. Since its launch in 2018, ONE has gradually conquered the European market with more than 130 units sold in Spain, France and Germany.


What makes ONE unique is the perfect combination of the body built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and the ONE body, which makes it a very appealing combination for any company looking for a quality product. In addition, its IBBC (Integralia Bus Board Control) vehicle management system and its weight reduction compared to similar products of around 1,200 kg, make ONE very intuitive and functional to operate. And, of course, an important and significant reduction in fuel consumption.


But it is not only performance and technology that make this vehicle stand out, it also offers unrivalled passenger comfort. Its exterior design shows a commitment to luxury, with curved lines at the front that enhance aerodynamics and a straight rear that adds elegance to the whole. Inside, the passenger experience is carefully considered down to the smallest detail, with leather-touch seats, easy-to-clean materials and antibacterial and macrobiotic finishes to reinforce safety.


ONE’s large load capacity is another of its advantages, especially in the version that stands out for its hold volume. Companies such as Voyages Couret, Albion Voyages, Omnibusbetrieb Adami or Ansel Vip Shuttle, among many others, already have at least one ONE in their fleet. Autobuses Parra, Grand Class, Autocares Iglesias, JLC Travel or Shuttle Private Guard have opted for this version, which features a balanced design between storage volume and interior comfort with ample space between the passenger seats.


Undoubtedly, what really makes ONE the most complete minibus on the market are the customisations already made and delivered to customers, such as minibuses with a games table inside, upholstered interiors, catering furniture or coffee machine, adapted to the needs of each company. In short, ONE is the perfect minibus for those who are looking for a premium, safe vehicle with a large load capacity and maximum comfort.

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