Eco-Bus Occitanie adds five T-Ones to its hundred-year fleet of vehicles

The French mobility group needed five new minibuses to cover school routes in the Haute-Garonne area.


A management model characterised by prudence, social roots and a vision of the future are just some of the secrets hidden in many century-old companies, such as Couret Voyages. This French company has survived almost everything: successive economic crises, epidemics, disruptive changes in production, marketing, logistics and communication models. Neither digitalisation nor the globalised economy have been able to overcome it. 


With regard to their suppliers, companies of this type often pursue long-term relationships. Their aim is to equip themselves with the best and most durable tools, offering a service that evolves with them. That is why, two years ago, when the first Integralia vehicle, a ONE model T4, became part of the French transport group’s fleet, all the expectations that the French company could have of a minibus manufacturer were fulfilled. 


Three years after that agreement, now the French company has once again placed its trust in Integralia. The protagonist of this moment? Our T-One aimed at transporting schoolchildren. The most important features of the vehicle are that it has up to 22 seats plus driver and air conditioning in the passenger area.


When Eugène Couret created Transports Couret in Francazal, in the department of Haute-Garonne, in 1920. His aim was to make it easier for families in the region to travel to the fairs and markets in the area. During these 100 years, the company has grown much more than Eugène dared to imagine. Today, Jean Marc Couret runs a company with a fleet of more than 40 vehicles, 70 employees, regular routes in neighbouring regions and international trips. Who dares to dream so high?

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