Quality Politics


INTEGRALIA is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of bodies for minibuses, the adapting of vehicles for people with reduced mobility, the marketing of spare parts and after-sales service. Since it was created, it has always tried to make the quality of its product and its service its priorities. The Company’s Management bases and summarises its performance in matters of Quality on the following motto:

               “BY LOOKING AFTER THE SMALL DETAILS WE WILL ACHIEVE BIG                                                                     TARGETS

Following on from that, and as part of its commitment to Quality, we pursue the following strategic objectives:

  • To meet the CUSTOMERS’ REQUIREMENTS, aiming our work towards CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
  • To keep up a CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT approach.
  • To innovate and develop new systems suited to people with reduced mobility.
  • To consolidate the team, encouraging satisfaction and versatility in its workforce.
  • To comply at all times with the current legislation and regulations.

The Company’s Management fully supports this Quality Policy encompassed within our Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 standard.

The Quality policy will be communicated to, and understood by, the entire company organisation, as this Management considers itself a leader in accepting and complying with it.