Why the IBBC is what a modern minibus needs

The Integralia Bus Board Control system, the key difference in the management of any vehicle: it increases safety and highlights Integralia’s strong commitment to technology. 

First impressions don’t get a second chance. Integralia believes that impact can only be achieved once. There is no second time. The moment a passenger enters a minibus, as soon as he gets on, he finds the driver’s seat and, in front of him, a bunch of buttons on the vehicle’s dashboard.

When Integralia decided to develop a digital system for the integral management of the vehicle that would become the Integralia Bus Board Control, two things were clear:

  1. They wanted to eliminate the tangle of buttons that drivers had to deal with daily and facilitate their work in order to minimize the need for vehicle attention and thus increase passenger safety. 
  2. They wanted all passengers in the vehicle to be aware that they were in a minibus with the latest technology in the market.

The result? Two high-quality touchscreens on the vehicle’s dashboard. An avant-garde design, which provides: a polished-to-the-limit user experience to make the complex simple, and exquisitely designed interfaces, which make the elements of the screen unmistakable with little need for words.

In order to increase safety by reducing the number of seconds the driver has to spend to find a setting, the Integralia team had to focus on rethinking how to organize all the possibilities offered by a minibus as complete as those manufactured by the Navarrese coachbuilder. This conceptualization was achieved. In less than four taps on the screen, anyone can change the different functions, a very simple process that previously involved locating a particular button among a collection of similar ones.

However, the IBBC is much more than a first impression. In addition to making drivers’ jobs easier and attracting passengers’ attention, it is the ultimate management tool. These two screens on the dashboard allow customer customer service with a lot less friction, it facilitates the identification of parts, and resolves queries in a simpler and more direct way. These advantages reduce the time it takes to resolve incidents and, in most cases, reduce and avoid the need for technical service on Integralia minibuses. Challenge achieved? A resounding yes confirms that the IBBC is not only a technological first impression, its usability is such that no one who has tried it before can conceive of another minibus afterwards.


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