How to maintain the access door of the minibus

Preventive checks ensure safety and in many cases prevent subsequent damage.

The minibus door is the first part of the journey for all passengers. Access to the vehicle is of little importance and often goes unnoticed until it does not work. At that point, access is essential to provide a service.

However, it is not easy to solve a problem that does not yet exist, not even easy to consider, and even less so if it costs money or time, which is why many vehicle operators mistakenly forget about preventive maintenance. A few minutes of checking will probably prevent a breakdown and save some costs in the future.

Integralia recommends carrying out preventive maintenance on any minibus every six months or every time the vehicle reaches 50,000 kilometres. In the case of the minibus access door, maintenance can be carried out by any professional who is not an expert, it does not even require any knowledge of mechanics, it just takes a little time and a few simple instructions that Integralia includes in the IBBC of the vehicle itself.

At the service doors, the first point of control is the general system, where the elements that make it up are visually reviewed. Then the sensitivity of the micro-switches is rated. Next, it is the turn of the emergency control, followed by a visual inspection of the condition and greasing of the pivot rod. The last step is to check that the door wedges engage and are in good condition.

Of course, the same procedure does not apply to the double doors, which have a further ten points where attention must be paid to the tension of the various belts and the hinge systems. All in all, this maintenance should not take more than half an hour – half an hour that can save us a lot more trouble later on.

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