IBBC Main Menu Panel

To transform chaos into order: that is the purpose of the Integralia Bus Board Control (IBBC), a system designed by Integralia to ‘reduce’ the endless number of switches that control the different systems in other minibuses, to two touch screens. What is it all reduced to? Just two screens located in the center of the dashboard, with an operating system like that of a mobile phone.

The IBBC’s main menu appears on the lower screen (seven inches in size) with a series of fixed applications, which simultaneously display different controls on the larger second screen above it (ten inches in size). Why two screens? We’ve worked on the usability so as not to lose access to the most important applications, which are always on the lower screen. What is the purpose? Above all, to control the vehicle and access any setting quickly and intuitively, so we can switch from one application to another immediately.

The main menu on the lower screen has up to seven applications, depending on the features and equipment selected for the vehicle, which display their different functions and information on the upper screen:


GPS: displays the vehicle’s navigator. 

Service door opening: controls passenger access to the interior of the minibus.

Information: displays door and trunk cameras.

Tools: displays manuals, as well as being a critical element in customer service.

Climate control: controls the interior temperature of the vehicle, essential for passenger comfort.

Interior lights: allows management of the different lighting circuits and their intensity, to generate the desired ambience and thus contribute to the wellbeing of the passengers.  

Multimedia: controls video, USB, microphone, auxiliary input, dual zone, and the rest of the vehicle’s entertainment system. This is the only application that displays its submenus on the lower screen.

Physical accessibility: activates the microbus access lift for people with reduced mobility.


Warning messages for the driver appear on the same lower screen. What content can ‘pop up’ there? Mostly alerts about whether the trunks or service doors are open. Important information, which is, by default, accompanied by an audible notification to attract the attention of the person in charge of the vehicle.

What has been a priority objective? At Integralia we have worked to facilitate the drivers’ understanding and recognition of the vehicle’s operating system above all. Even the design of the set of symbols through which we navigate in the IBBC has been developed by us. Through very intuitive icons and very distinct colors, almost anyone is able to recognize the status of the minibus.

At Integralia we want our minibus drivers to spend as little time as possible controlling the minibus settings and focus on what they do best: driving to the next destination.

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