IBBC: the key to maximum lighting comfort

“That which generates well-being for the user,” that is a good definition for comfort. The word has a French origin but it also stems from the Latin confortare, which is the opposite of discomfort and contributes to physical and psychological well-being. Even more specifically, when we want to talk about the perception of well-being that derives from an adequate combination of quality and quantity of lighting that occurs simultaneously in a space and prevents visual fatigue, we are referring to lighting comfort.

 At Integralia we have developed a unique lighting system for the interior of our vehicles. As a starting point, all minibuses that leave this house have the light configuration distributed in two spaces: the one occupied by the driver and the one for the passengers. In the second one we can configure several zones: seats, environment, luggage rack, and extra elements with which we have denominated the infinite possibilities that we can develop in a personalized way for our customers. 

How can we configure a specific light for each of the spaces in this subdivision? Through the brain of the. minibus: the Integralia Bus Board Control (IBBC). Thanks to the two screens that preside over the dashboard in all our minibuses, you can control any of the vehicle’s settings and, of course, also generate the best travel experience for passengers. The IBBC makes it possible to achieve the most appropriate lighting configuration for each occasion in the interior of any of our minibuses.

Can all this be achieved inside a minibus? Of course, the possibilities are endless and at Integralia we love to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Up to 6 different lighting circuits can be integrated in any of our minibuses: standard, tourism, and premium lighting. With cutting-edge LED technology and designed ad hoc for the interior of our vehicles, we are able to design an infinite number of atmospheres in the passenger area. With this LED technology,  infinite polychromy, and the possibility of regulating the light intensity, we can create anything from warm environments for the winter to cooler ones for summer. It is even possible to play with a company’s corporate colors so that the brand image is also reflected in the transport it uses. The person in charge of the minibus can independently control the six lighting circuits to achieve the most appropriate lighting for the time and circumstances of the trip. But if we like a particular configuration and don’t have time to think about other options? In just a few steps we can save our four favorites in the IBBC and use them as many times as we want with just three clicks on the touchscreen, avoiding having to reconfigure a mode that we had already achieved and freeing the driver from this task and allowing him to focus on the road.

How is the lighting perceived in the interior aesthetics of the minibus? At Integralia we have hidden the LED spots with diffusers designed ad hoc for our bodies. In this way, the cabin achieves a very well distributed continuous light throughout the interior of the vehicle, which is perceived in a very pleasant way.

More, anyone? The luggage rack lighting is optional, and we can also customize the table lighting, 220V sockets, support lights… We like to work on each project individually, depending on the needs. What lighting are you thinking of for your vehicle?

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