ONE Aesthetics: careful exterior design and infinite interior possibilities

ONE is a superior class minibus, it is the most distinguished minibus in its sector for its careful exterior design and the possibilities offered by its interior. 

Outside of the passenger compartment, the minibus of the year 2021 in Spain, maximizes the vehicle’s aerodynamics, cared for down to the smallest detail to reduce the resistance it offers the wind in its displacement. In this way, we achieve greater efficiency when driving, reduce consumption and extend the life of the minibus.

From the first time we imagined ONE at Integralia, it was clear to us that the external part was going to have extremely careful shapes to drive in windy conditions and create a very powerful aerodynamic system. As a counterpoint, at the rear we opted for a body with straight shapes that give a strong personality to the image of the minibus. The result? A strong contrast that gives us that elegant image that differentiates and highlights our vehicle in the market.

A very wide door gives us access to the interior of the vehicle, which introduces us to a world of infinite possibilities. The limits of ONE’s interior do not exist. In ONE, the passenger experience is cared for down to the smallest detail. It enters the passenger through the five senses and positions ONE as a premium vehicle. 

The first impression offered upon access to ONE is visual, the spaciousness of the vehicle surprises and pleases all passengers. Once inside, touch is the sense that comes into play thanks to the materials selected for all vehicle configurations, which transport us to the exclusivity of luxury. In addition, following Integralia’s philosophy, we always choose fabrics and components that are easy to clean and where quality and, of course, durability are paramount.

The space, the air, the connectivity possibilities, and the fabrics are of a premium category, an irrefutable qualification if we observe ONE from the outside or if we are lucky enough to enjoy it from the inside.

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