A T-ONE Urban bound for the Canary Islands

The agricultural sector has been very important for La Orotava. The valley’s fertile lands, located in the northern part of the island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, together with the abundance of water, facilitated the development of crops such as sugar cane and, above all, vineyards. That agricultural culture is now also being transmitted to the Camino de Chasna  Occupational Orchard, an occupational center for people with disabilities, which is run by the La Orotava City Council. How do the people who attend the center get there? In a brand new adapted minibus of our T-ONE Urban model. 

A few months ago, the La Orotava City Council held and open tender in order to purchase a vehicle that would provide a good service to the center in Tenerife and that was 100% adapted. At Integralia we offered the Canary Islands council the best option: a minibus that offers great possibilities for transporting people with physical disabilities. Thus, a minibus created in Pamplona set off for the Canary Islands.

On this occasion, the City Council of La Orotava valued the capacity of our vehicles to adapt to all types of travelers. The configuration in our minibuses and, in this case, the Urban version of the T-ONE model, allows a quick and easy transfer for people who use wheelchairs on a daily basis. 

It is clear: the vehicle purchased by the Tenerife City Council has been an advantage for the users who come to the Huerto del Camino de Chasna every day. At Integralia we are very proud to have contributed to improving the transportation of the nearly 20 people who go there every day to improve their skills, develop jobs, and hopefully become part, in the future, of the powerful agricultural sector in the area. 

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