Innovation in Motion: Integralia’s new video transports you to the future

In two minutes, the mobility company conveys its brand values, those that set all its minibuses in motion. 

We are Integralia (Vídeo corporativo 2022) 

A vehicle takes a bend in a stretch of road in a place surrounded by nature, this is how Integralia’s latest video starts. A metaphor for how the Navarrese coachbuilder approaches innovation: travelling through the world created by humans, but within reality. Below, several images reinforce Integralia’s purpose, to which a summary of the company’s values is also added.  

Integralia’s values  

Movement as a right for people. At Integralia they are committed to having a sustainable background and with technology optimising all processes. For the company from Navarre, talent is the way to achieve excellence, through listening to customers and thanks to a young spirit, open to change. 

Innovation is in the DNA of the team of professionals that make up Integralia and is reflected in each and every one of its vehicles. In each project, the perfect synthesis is achieved between the result of experience and a commitment to the future, which merge in projects such as the IBBC. This ability to meet all the needs of customers and, of course, of travellers, is achieved thanks to the infinite possibilities of adaptation of each vehicle. 

And finally, in the video made by Integralia, two brand values come together. Which ones? Commitment and the future: the search for innovation is key, but without losing the principles, they are solid foundations on which to build tomorrow. Respect for society, for the team that makes up Integralia, for the environment and for legislation is not at odds with a clear vision of the future, of the unknown that is yet to come. The future of transport is already underway and Integralia points in that direction as one of its main values. 

Movement, talent, innovation, adaptability, commitment and the future form the core of this video and the levers on which Integralia is based. Technology and movement for people are Integralia’s commitment and the hallmark of all its vehicles.

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