Integralia has already installed the breathalyser in its minibuses.

The coachbuilder has already implemented a breathalyser measurement system in all its models. 

“If you drink, don’t drive” was one of the most popular slogans promoted by a campaign of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) in 1985, now the evolution will be to replace the message with “If you drink, it won’t start”.  


A European Union directive of 2019 has served to include the compulsory use of the anti-starting breathalyser in newly homologated vehicles from 2022 in the new Traffic and Road Safety Law. But what exactly is this device and how does it work? As its name suggests, it is a device that prevents the vehicle from starting until a breathalyser test has been passed, which the driver must carry out before starting the journey or after a stop lasting more than 30 minutes. 

The system will become mandatory in two phases. The first begins on 6 July 2022, when newly homologated vehicles will have to have it implemented. The second part will come on 7 July 2024, after which it will be mandatory for all new registrations of passenger vehicles.  

In the case of the Integralia minibus system, the electronic breathalyser is connected to the starting process of the vehicle and is managed, as if it were a switch at the start-up. The driver blows into the small breathalyser which is connected by a cable to the inside of the dashboard and, if no alcohol has been consumed, the circuit closes and the vehicle’s engine starts to roar. 

Integralia, certified to install and check breathalysers 

In anticipation of what was going to happen, Integralia has been working for years to have the vehicles ready with the breathalyser. The bodywork homologation team has carried out all the procedures to comply with legislation in Europe: agreements with laboratories to comply with the ISO certificate that verifies the correct installation of the breathalysers and the certification that allows them to be checked annually for correct operation. In addition, Integralia is prepared to install the interface and the system in any of its models for companies that want their fleet of minibuses to comply with future regulatory obligations. 

The components used by Integralia for the installation of this anti-lock breathalyser are from the German brand Dräger, a leading international company that guarantees the durability, quality and proper functioning of the system.  

A commitment to road safety 

The European authorities have implemented this system in an attempt to maximise the safety of the occupants of passenger vehicles, despite the fact that the Director General of the Directorate General of Traffic, Pere Navarro, has repeatedly stated that the road passenger transport sector in Spain “is perhaps the safest of all”.

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