Martinique, the jewel in the French Caribbean

Visiting this Caribbean island paradise is a luxury, so come with us by minibus to the five places not to be missed. 


Welcome to Martinique, the Caribbean jewel of the French islands. Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, this tropical island is a paradise that combines the rich French culture with the warmth and exoticism more typical of the Caribbean Sea. Breathtaking landscapes, dreamy beaches and lush mountains make Martinique the perfect destination for an unforgettable minibus tour. The best vehicle for a large group.


  1. Fort-de-France, capital of Martinique 

Explore its colonial charm, visit the Saint Louis Cathedral and stroll through the old town. Enjoy the local culture at the central market, where you’ll find tropical fruits, spices and handicrafts.

  1. Saint-Pierre

A historic town with impressive volcanic ruins. Visit the Volcanic Museum, which recounts the tragic eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902. Relax on Grand Anse beach with crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery.

  1. Les Salines Beach 

Known for its stunning stretch of white sand and turquoise waters. Enjoy the sun and sea, try the delicious local food in the nearby restaurants.

  1. Nature and rum

Gardens and waterfalls in Balata, a tropical botanical garden. Visit the Clément distillery, one of the oldest on the island, where you can learn about rum production and taste different varieties.

  1. Caravelle Peninsula

Trails run through the nature reserve. Stroll along the serene beach of Tartane, ideal for surfing and other water activities.


All along the route, immerse yourself in Creole culture, try typical dishes such as ‘acras’, a fish fritter, or ‘colombo’, a meat stew. And, of course, don’t forget to get to know the warmth of the local people. In your suitcase? A good sunscreen and a camera are essential to capture the unforgettable moments of this minibus trip. Happy adventures in Martinique!

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