Norbús trusts Integralia to renew its minibus fleet

The Mahón-based company acquires two T-One vehicles with a capacity for 16 passengers and a large hold capacity.


Norbús has once again placed its trust in Integralia to renew its fleet of minibuses. The delivery of two T- ONE XL culminates a close relationship with which the Balearic transport company has shown its commitment to vehicle quality, durability, customisation options and after-sales customer service.

The transport company based in Mahón is very much focused by its location on the passenger transfer service to the airport and, in general, on tourism, one of the most important sectors of the Balearic Islands’ economy. Therefore, the volume of the luggage compartment was a priority in the configuration of the minibuses, so Integralia designed on this occasion an overhead luggage compartment with dimensions of up to 3 cubic metres. 

The Balearic company has chosen for the interior of the vehicle a finish suitable for the services for which the minibus was intended, in which the seats, upholstered in Integralia’s exclusive technical leather, play a leading role, making it easy to maintain and clean the seats in the face of frequent passenger turnover in high season. Like all the minibuses produced by the Navarrese coachbuilder, it includes the Integralia Bus Board Control (IBBC), the tool that facilitates the work of the drivers as well as contributing to increasing the comfort and safety of the passengers.


Integralia’s deadlines: key points

Integralia’s product has fitted in very well with the timescales and current needs of Norbús. The Balearic company had already placed its trust in the Navarrese company a few years ago, given that rotation is a constant feature of its fleet in order to replace vehicles that have become obsolete.

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