One: Large capacity, safety and unrivaled comfort position this model as the best minibus of the year.

The minibus of the year 2021 title of has gone to ONE, our premium vehicle, which combines great possibilities of space, equipment and comfort.


ONE combines everything we can ask for in a high-class minibus: a powerful, reliable and durable engine with a unique body, a distinguished look, innovative technical features and a traveler experience where comfort is paramount, making this model the ultimate mobility solution in its segment.

The exterior design demonstrates the trend towards luxury by betting on the contrast between the two parts of the vehicle. At first glance, this minibus is striking for its curved lines at the front, which enhance aerodynamics and clash at first with the final cut of the vehicle. The rear, straight to the extreme, provides the perfect counterpoint to enhance the elegance of ONE and place it as the most distinguished in the sector.

Passenger experience is cared for down to the smallest detail. Access to the vehicle through a wide door marks the arrival to an interior with an elegant and careful design to offer maximum comfort to passengers. The air conditioning in the minibus is set up to make you feel comfortable as soon as you step inside. When we get to the seat, in leather touch, we perceive the comfort of the structure, built with the idea of overcoming long trips with unsurpassed comfort. In addition, the materials are selected to be easy to clean and to reinforce safety with antibacterial, macrobiotic and easy maintenance finishes. The possibilities of the vehicle’s interior go as far as customers want to imagine with sockets, cabinets, extra storage and even kitchens.

The driving of ONE is stable, the continuity of the ride, striking. It manages to avoid the jerks so characteristic of many vehicles in the same segment. This stability allows a sustained high pace even on roads with many curves and slopes. All this is backed up by the 190 hp capacity of the Mercedes engine the minibus is fitted with. A set that results in no less remarkable an outcome as is a considerable reduction in fuel consumption. Another important element of superior range is the IBBC (Integralia Board Bus Control), which allows the driver to reach all vehicle settings —by replacing the more than 70 buttons that average minibuses have— with two touch screens in which we can access any element with a couple of clicks, reducing the time and effort for the driver and increasing driving safety.

Experts highlight ONE’s ride comfort, on the customer experience side, the comfort of its seats, the vehicle’s structure, the low maximum authorized mass and the performance of a high-end minibus. In short, a very reliable minibus with high performance, passenger comfort and great business possibilities.

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