ONE: A minibus tailored to the needs of each customer.

ONE’s various configurations offer up to 4 cubic meters of storage space and up to 25 passenger seats with premium finishes.


This set of configurations as a whole is what makes ONE a different and unique vehicle. At Integralia we create models to adapt to each customer. We listen to their needs and configure a specific vehicle for each of them.

The objective now is to make a world of possibilities known, so we want to go over ONE’s highlights. Starting this month, we will present this minibus’ characteristics in InTransit. This time we will focus on the correlation between the capacity of the hold and the number of seats in our model, although all possible ONE configurations achieve a nice and perfect balance to suit the demand of each of our customers.

The first proposed ONE configuration offers passenger space of up to 25 seats and a hold capacity of 0.75m3. Of all the options created on ONE, this is the option that can accommodate the most passengers. 

Do we want more hold capacity? The second ONE alternative is prepared to carry up to 22 passengers with 1m3 of hold. In comparison to the first version, we gain storage space.

If the customer’s preference is a more premium minibus with more space between seats, the most interesting option would be to think about all the alternatives offered by the third configuration of ONE. That is to say, starting with up to 21 seats and 2m3 of storage space, a layout that gives priority to the passenger compartment above all, but slightly reduces storage space capacity in order to offer more passenger comfort.

And, following this line, but gaining more luggage compartment space, we can think of a ONE design with a luggage compartment capacity of 4m3 and up to 21 passenger seats. It doesn’t mean that there is little space between seats, but the enhanced merit, which in this case is storage, is enhanced to a very high degree. In fact, this was the storage capacity in the winning model of the Microbus of the Year Award as part of the National Transport Awards, granted by the Spanish road transport operators.

The luggage rack available inside the vehicle is not accounted for in any of ONE’s proposals. This is a cabin designed to be barrier-free to offer a large space in which to accommodate all kinds of packages, although it is designed with the dimensions of hand luggage or backpacks in mind.

ONE’s design is focused on the end customer and the comfort of passengers. However, the role of the driver also plays a major role in all our designs, that’s why we have taken into account the need to provide the driver with ample space to drive comfortably and with great visibility of the IBBC (Integralia Board Bus Control), from where the driver can control any parameter of the vehicle.

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