The revolution of weight and space

Integralia registers a patent on ONE’s metallic structure, as a result of the work of the company’s innovation team.


At Integralia we seek technical innovations for all aspects that can improve our minibuses, so we have patented the structure of our ONE model, which reduces the weight of the vehicle by 35%, exclusively for Europe. Thanks to great team work we have developed a stainless steel shell that provides lightness, greater durability, avoids corrosion treatments, and adds greater resistance.

This is the first patent that Integralia registers after leading a project in which our R&D team conceptualized and developed the idea of the structure that has finally resulted in this project leading at continental level. More than a year has been dedicated to the study of the needs of the vehicle. A team of multidisciplinary engineers have worked for months on a solution that breaks with industry standards by reducing the weight by 35% and passing the most demanding safety tests with solvency, among them, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s (UNECE) Regulation 66/02 for the endorsement of large vehicles for passenger transport with regard to the resistance of its superstructure.

We have carried out tests of torsion and fatigue, simulations with different scenarios, and virtual tests until we achieved the final solution, which reduces the dimensions of the profiles, increasing the safety of the minibus. The design has taken into account the position of all passengers to maximize the habitability and vision in all seats, thus achieving a more comfortable and safer trip for passengers.

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