T-ONE S: the most agile minibus

The little brother of the T-ONE offers seating for up to 15 passengers and a wide range of customisation options.

Mobility in big cities is changing every day. The market now demands efficient, small and unique vehicles, to which Integralia has responded with a solution that perfectly matches these characteristics: The new version of the T-ONE S, the shortest version of T-ONE. An agile, manoeuvrable and operational vehicle. 

A unique minibus for each customer

Possibilities for customisation? Once again, Integralia does not want to neglect the specific needs of each of its customers, so as with any of the Navarrese coachbuilder’s minibuses, on this occasion the T-ONE S can also be adapted to the maximum. The limit of imagination in each vehicle is set by the customer. 

T-ONE S is a single-wheel vehicle with a length of 5.70 metres, which can have a load capacity of up to four tonnes. These characteristics make this model unique in the market due to its manoeuvrability, which manages to transport passengers to the most inaccessible corners with reduced maintenance and consumption. 

Therefore, Integralia has not created a new model, but rather has adapted the big brother to create the T-ONE S, which as a great novelty incorporates the Integralia Bus Board Control (IBBC). Furthermore, this new version is configured with the latest generation materials with which the Navarrese coachbuilder is currently working on its entire range of vehicles.

Who is it aimed at?  The T-ONE S is mainly targeted at three types of service: those with destinations with narrow passages, those who want a premium service within an exceptional space or those who are going to transport a maximum number of fifteen passengers.

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