T-ONE Urban: a benchmark minibus in the passenger mobility sector

The design of the Integralia model allows access to the most remote areas of any city.

The urban mobility paradigm has been in ferment in recent years. Although it is still difficult to determine the future direction of the sector, it is possible to observe very clear trends that allow us to establish where urban transport is heading. Among the clearest evidence: minibuses are already an efficient and adaptable solution in cities. 

Integralia is clear about this perspective and therefore continues to work to respond to the increasing demand for the specific model for accessibility to all parts of the city: T-ONE Urban.

Integralia’s compact has gained prominence in the market and has become an industry benchmark thanks to its highly innovative design and, of course, its ability to navigate the challenges of congested urban areas.

Features of T-ONE Urban

T-ONE Urban moves gracefully through the narrow streets of historic city centres, where other vehicles find insurmountable obstacles thanks to its 7.5 metre length. This Integralia reference is specifically designed to overcome the most difficult access challenges, ensuring unparalleled mobility in densely populated urban environments.

One of the distinguishing features of the T-ONE Urban is its low floor area, which offers a height of just 270 mm from the floor to the vehicle floor. This feature, added to the model’s central double door, simplifies the process of boarding and disembarking passengers, especially those with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.

It is no wonder that many urban transport companies have opted for this model, valuing not only its quality and durability, but also the customer-centric approach that characterises Integralia. With exceptional customer service, the company ensures that every vehicle maintenance experience is flawless, contributing to T-ONE Urban’s continued reliability in urban transport.

The versatility of the T-ONE Urban is also a highlight. With capacity for up to 26 passengers, including space for a wheelchair, this minibus offers the most complete transport solution in its category. The model features IBBC, Integralia’s on-board management solution that replaces the more than 50 buttons that many minibuses still have on the vehicle dashboard. Of course, this reference has the possibility of including illuminated signs, video-surveillance systems or, among many other options, integrated payment systems. These specifications, added to the customisation capacity offered by Integralia, provide passenger transport companies with a plus when finding the best vehicle to offer the best service. That is why a T-ONE Urban is the most realistic bet in an uncertain future, in which large products will always remain the best option.

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