New T-ONE catalogue

Integralia renews the dossier of the multi-purpose minibus model in a very firm commitment to customer proximity

T-ONE is one of the jewels in Integralia’s crown. An infinite capacity for customisation for a vehicle mounted on a Mercedes engine, which can carry up to 22 passengers plus driver. A minibus with a higher quality than other vehicles in the same range. Therefore, we are talking about a very frequent choice in the fleets of the different passenger transport companies throughout Europe.


The various evolutions of the model have led Integralia to develop a new catalogue to bring a fresh look to the commercial presentation of the vehicle. “This is a bid to get even closer to our customers, who are always at the centre of all our decisions. We want them to get to know our products as closely as possible”, confirmed Óscar Lana, CEO of Integralia. 


This new edition is now available to everyone. Those interested will be able to find a more disruptive design, giving more prominence to the image and more descriptive content. Thus, any professional will now be able to imagine what it is like to be in a T-ONE, long before getting into one.


Download it here

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