UKS Travel: a ONE bound for Paris

The French company acquires its first vehicle from the Integralia factory.

It is very common for Integralia’s technicians to manufacture the vehicle and at the same time comment on its destination. On many occasions they ask whether the model will travel to paradisiacal islands or whether it will be on the streets of one of the European cities, as in the case of a ONE that is already rolling through the streets of Paris.

The city of light is the headquarters of UKS Travel, a transport company focused on the luxury sector, which was looking to incorporate a high-end vehicle with premium features and superior quality into its fleet. That’s why they chose a ONE from the Pamplona-based coachbuilder. 

The design minibus that UKS Travel has received has 20 seats plus driver and guide. The seats are upholstered in technical leather, designed exclusively for Integralia, which facilitates the cleaning and durability of the seats. The interior of the vehicle also has the best finishes with a premium floor, individual tables, integrated USB in each of the seats and LED lighting; all these features can be configured by each customer to enhance the feeling of comfort. In addition, the IBBC installed on the driver’s dashboard makes it easy to manage all the possibilities of the bodywork without wasting time searching through dozens of buttons. In short, a top-of-the-range vehicle that will not leave any of its passengers indifferent.

Integralia’s first minibus

This Integralia minibus is the first vehicle acquired by UKS Travel. The company has known the Navarrese brand through recommendations from companies in their environment that already had a vehicle in their fleet. They value the quality of the vehicles, the groundbreaking, distinguished and functional design of ONE and the customisation possibilities that Integralia offers when tackling the minibus configuration project.

The conversations of the technicians during the manufacture of this ONE were about how many times it will go round the roundabout of the Arc de Triomphe, if it will go through the streets of the Latin Quarter, see the Eiffel Tower, be taken to the small Statue of Liberty, even if Messi could be a passenger in the vehicle.

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