WE: The warranty extension that multiplies peace of mind

Integralia offers the option of up to five years of coverage on the bodywork of its minibuses.

The success of a company is based on providing value to its customers. From the outset, Integralia has positioned its value proposition around two axes: quality and durability. These two principles that guide the company in all its areas have been the germ of Warranty Extension (WE), the bodywork warranty extension that Integralia offers its customers. 

Motivated by these times in which uncertainty has become part of our daily lives, the WE service is presented as an opportunity to enjoy a vehicle with total peace of mind, as it allows you to avoid any type of shock, minimising variable and unpredictable repair costs and converting them into fixed prices and stable costs that are negotiated in advance.

Although in the mobility sector we are used to seeing the option of extending the guarantee for the vehicle’s powertrain, in the passenger transport sector, the bodywork represents an equally important value as the one responsible for moving the vehicle. For this reason, Integralia offers both possibilities, linked together or independently. 

The process to contract the warranty extension is simple and is managed through SAT once the purchase of the vehicle is being closed. The proposal allows the official minibus bodywork warranty to be increased from two to three years and, unlike the first two years, it is linked to the number of kilometres that we wish to link to this service. It is, therefore, a flexible service that adjusts to your needs.

With the idea that passenger transport companies can devote themselves to what they do best: taking passengers from one place to another, without being forced to stop their fleet due to the malfunctioning of some of the vehicle’s elements, Integralia chooses for its designs those elements with the greatest durability and provides all the facilities for the company itself to carry out simple maintenance of these elements. Integralia’s warranty extension completes these facilities, providing coverage at all times and stamping its seal of trust and quality.

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