WE: the minibus warranty extension that lightens the mental load by eliminating potential variable costs

Integralia designs Warranty Extension so that the most susceptible parts of a vehicle are covered for up to five years. 

Unforeseen problems are a recurring source of stress in companies and a lot of working hours are spent on them. What would you do to ensure that these unpleasant surprises have a solution without a budget scare? Integralia has created Warranty Extension (WE), the ultimate warranty extension to give you the peace of mind of being in the best hands when a problem arises. 

This new service from Integralia offers the possibility of reducing the mental burden of ensuring that vehicles are always ready.

WE aims to give customers peace of mind in the event of an unforeseen event. Is the air conditioning not working? A very frequent occurrence in recent months due to the heat waves in Europe. Here’s WE. You call Integralia’s customer service department and, within its network of trusted garages, they direct you to the one closest to your vehicle so that you can be sure to have your vehicle up and running in the shortest possible time. What does this service cover? Any of the parts that are most likely to paralyse the minibus in order to prevent transport companies from losing services because they do not have a clear protocol for action in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Five years is the maximum time that this warranty extension can be extended: two years offered directly by Integralia plus another three that can be purchased separately. It can be requested at the time of purchase of the minibus and, in addition to the bodywork warranty, the chassis warranty can be added to the agreement.

The other major advantage of Warranty Extension is economic. WE converts the variable costs of possible vehicle repairs into fixed costs that can be budgeted for and thus saves transport company managers from unpleasant surprises. This way they can forget about having to think about how to repair a vehicle and focus on what they are really good at: transporting people.

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