The most absolute comfort converted into a premium minibus heads for France

Integralia designs for Caribbean Discovery a minibus with superior features in order to achieve a constant renewal of its fleet.

It doesn’t fail. Every year, Integralia receives a call from Thierry. His goal? The very best. Thierry wants to transport his passengers in the most luxurious minibus on the market. Thierry Paulin is the manager of Caribbean Discovery, a tour operator who looks to the Pamplona-based coachbuilder for a single purpose: a top-of-the-range vehicle with premium equipment and superior qualities. In his calls Thierry asks for the latest and most premium on the market. 

On this occasion, Integralia has designed for Thierry a customised T-ONE S project with the most cutting-edge equipment in the sector: leather seats, twelve seats plus driver, USB in all seats, top class thermal and acoustic insulation, the most spacious seats possible, large areas inside the minibus, a table, LED lights to create different atmospheres, a cabinet with a fridge… Details that attract the attention of the sector’s laymen.

The T-ONE S created for Caribbean Discovery is mounted on the engine of a 190 HP Mercedes Sprinter with a 5.5-metre body. Its dimensions make it very agile to move in urban areas with difficult passage. It is easy to drive with its automatic gearbox, adjustable steering wheel and mechanical suspension seat. 

The minibus is versatile and can be used as a shuttle bus or for sightseeing tours with a small number of people. The fleet of Thierry’s company is constantly being renewed. Caribbean Discovery acquires a new minibus every year to keep up with the latest trends in the premium mobility sector. His customers appreciate the added value of a vehicle with every possible detail and he relies on the durability, quality and additional services provided by Integralia.

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