We’ve launched a new website!

A platform for our customers to get to know us even better: that’s the best description for our site, and what we had in mind when we developed it. At Integralia we are continually working on enhancing our company’s brand and communication. That’s why we created a new corporate portal, where we’ve defined a more accessible, dynamic, and attractive structure to provide more information, facilitate navigation, and be more in line with new technologies.

Through an elegant design and at the forefront of the mobility market, our new website offers useful content for the sector, which will benefit both current and potential customers, as well as all our suppliers and partners.

Innovation, Design, Sustainability and Safety’ are values that define our company. Naturally, we wanted them reflected on our site. In line with our aim of placing the customer at the center, at Integralia we want to transform the user experience and continue to lead in the transformation of mobility.

“We wanted to provide the customer with the most relevant information according to their needs and offer a complete experience. Integralia’s new online environment is more user-friendly, it contains information that is easy to understand and quick to find, it loads at very fast speed, and has a much more elegant design,” said Óscar Lana, CEO of Integralia.

In the newly launched website, all users will be able to learn about the most important services our company offers: Maintenance, Renting, Buyback, and Customer Service. In addition, it allows any user to take an online tour of Integralia’s most important innovation projects, from our electronic management system, IBBC to our award-winning minibus, ONE or, Volteador, an innovation project for the structure of the minibus. You can also get acquainted with ‘Boletus’, a project that we developed in collaboration with the Government of Navarra to begin our journey in the electric mobility sector.

We want to tell you about the projects we are working on, so we’ve also included a new “Blog” section, designed to provide all users with information on the latest trends in mobility and elaborate on our vehicles’ features.

All of our company’s information is at your disposal in this new site. If you are interested in keeping up to date with the projects we are working on, you can sign up for our newsletter and, of course, follow us on social media (Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube).

Do you want to know more? Write us a message through the ‘Contact form’ on the website. Would you like to join and become part of the Integralia team? Please write to us now, we are always looking for talent to expand our professional team.

We want you to know everything about us! What are you waiting for? Go to integralia.es

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