ONE VIP to Autocares Iglesias

Autocares Iglesias’ journey began more than 80 years ago, so the company is backed by thousands of passengers. The Galicia-created company specializes in the rental of vehicles with drivers for the tourism sector and centralizes its base of operations in the Vigo-Oporto-Santiago axis. The company, led by its current executive director, Yolanda Iglesias, always bets on high-quality standards for its vehicles, because it believes that travelers value comfort, safety, and efficiency when it comes to making a journey.

During its latest fleet’s renewal, Autocares Iglesias placed its trust on One’s performance. The minibus, which was created at Integralia, is already being driven around Galicia with a configuration in which spaciousness, as well as a very comfortable stay for the passengers inside —whatever the service the vehicle is performing: from a private excursion to any service related to the Camino de Santiago, an airport transfer, or a cruise ship unloading in the Vigo port— is a priority. 

The Galician company values its customers’ enjoyment of the journey above all. At Integralia we wanted to support them by eliminating any concerns they might have about their vehicles. From our headquarters in Pamplona we’ve worked hand in hand with them to create a unique vehicle, highly adapted to their needs. Among other highlights, the model incorporates the revolutionary IBBC, the device that increases the safety of the vehicle by reducing the infinite control panel of up to 60 buttons that any of the average minibuses available on the market have.

The more experience you have, the more aware you are that betting on the best working tools is the best long-term investment for your business. The 8 decades Autocares Iglesias has prevailed are the best guarantee of their choice.

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