T-ONE Urban: the ultimate minibus to get around the city

The Eiffel Tower, the La Latina district, La Concha beach, the Saint-Etienne district, the Basilica of Santa Maria or Marienplatz all share something in common: a minibus. More specifically, all these urban spaces are equipped with Integralia’s T-ONE Urban model. Paris, Madrid, San Sebastian, Toulouse, Burgos and Munich are some of the cities where the most urban solution of this multifaceted vehicle is being used.

This Integralia model moves like a ‘fish in water’ in urban areas with difficult access. The dimensions of the T-ONE Urban (just 7.5 meters long) are calculated to be able to maneuver  with ease through the narrow streets of historic centers with normally difficult access.

In the T-ONE version design for cities we can highlight aspects such as its low floor area, designed in such a way that allows us to have a height of 270mm from the ground to the vehicle floor without the need for additional mechanisms such as kneeling.

Many municipalities have already chosen our model because we focus on the quality and durability of the vehicle. In addition, we make sure that our customer service is a key element when managing the maintenance of a vehicle for urban mobility with a customer. 

The customization possibilities of the T-ONE Urban are highly valued by mobility managers. Its 26 seats plus driver (13 seated and 13 standing), with room for a wheelchair, make it the alternative with the most occupants within its range. The illuminated signs marking the line to which it belongs, the video-surveillance systems, or the SAE systems (allowing payment and validation of tickets) are a natural fit for the T-ONE Urban.

T-ONE passengers can travel through the streets and admire the monuments of many cities from the seat of one of the most unique minibuses on the market.


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