Just like in your own living room: multimedia possibilities in Integralia’s minibuses.

How far can the comfort of a vehicle go? At first glance, we all think of a comfortable seat in a room with pleasant temperature, something like what you might feel on the sofa in your living room at home. At Integralia, this is the premise we conceive from for the experience of the passenger, from the seat configuration to the different air conditioning possibilities. And then what? We want to go further and make sure that the passengers inside any Integralia vehicle enjoy the trip. And that’s where all the multimedia possibilities offered by our minibuses come in.

People who travel in our minibuses can choose between enjoying the chapter of the latest fashion series, listening to the latest league game, watching the latest news, enjoying the latest Rolling Stones album, playing a game with their portable video console, charging their cell phone, playing a game of mus (cards) or whatever they enjoy. Our goal is that all Integralia minibus passengers feel as comfortable as in their own home.

The IBBC in our minibuses, which also helps us make driving and customer service easier, provides all the possibilities we can imagine. The audio equipment, with auto radio, minijack, USB, HDMI and microphone inputs allow listening to music, podcasts, and watch series, movies and TV programs, sports matches or connect the computer and give a training while we ride the bus, whatever we can think of. We can even give a concert. These are the archetypal connections, but we can customize them and adapt them to each customer’s needs.

Shall we talk about displays? We can start by placing a 19″ tilting tft display in the ONE model or two 10″ tft displays in the T-ONE model. 

However, the possibilities of multimedia configuration are endless, and at Integralia we can customize projects for our customers, such as the possibility of including individualized multimedia screens in the passenger seats so that each passenger can play the content of their choice. In addition, depending on the configuration, the vehicle can include all kinds of electrical connections for computers, game consoles or cell phones in the passenger compartment. Of course, within the different options of the minibus, each customer chooses whether to opt for individual or collective tables, if someone needs to work, study, or wants to play a game of poker.

Bluetooth connections are reserved for the driver, who can talk on his cell phone without neglecting driving safety. In addition, all Integralia models incorporate the IBBC system with dual zone sound so that the person behind the wheel has a different audio source than the passengers. We want the safety and comfort of travelers to be complete, as well as that of the person driving.

In all our vehicles we can install a router to offer internet to the passengers and multiply the possibilities of leisure and work when necessary, a service that exponentially increases the service of a minibus. Surfing the Internet, watching series or following any live sport? Anything a person wants to do online is possible inside an Integralia minibus. The only thing missing for our passengers to feel completely at home will be their slippers.


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