Climate control: Passenger experience cared for right down to the air they breathe.

The passenger experience in our vehicles is key for us, and we know that air conditioning is essential for the well-being of anyone in the passenger compartment of the minibus throughout the year. For a long time now, at Integralia we have pursued to implement, in all our models, the best system to achieve good air flow and renewal, restrict humidity, good duct cleaning, and the safety of the air conditioning motors in equipment in which we always prioritize quality.

How to achieve good temperature in the minibus? With the best control tools that allow you to know, at all times, how hot or cold it is inside the passenger compartment and that, in case of having to modify them, are fast.

High temperatures often require lowering the passenger compartment temperature by up to 20 degrees in minutes so that passengers can travel comfortably. But a good air conditioning system is not only necessary with the heat, during the winter months we must also worry about always maintaining the best conditions of comfort inside the minibus.

At Integralia we are experts in simplifying complex processes: that is why we created the IBBC or, in other words, two touch screens on the driver’s dashboard, which, among other things, allows the temperature of the vehicle to be regulated with a few simple touches.

The driver can choose how to regulate the vehicle’s climate control; if he prefers the automatic mode, he will select the most suitable temperature in a range of 16 to 26 degrees. In seconds the climate control system starts to acclimatize the interior of the vehicle to the desired temperature through very efficient cycles. The challenge? To save energy, preserve the engines and avoid sudden temperature changes. Whereas, in manual mode, the driver can activate the heating or air conditioning at different speeds. When does this happen? At those moments when it is necessary to make a radical temperature change in the passenger compartment of the minibus. We cannot use the heating and air conditioning at the same time, but it is possible to use the air conditioning engine only to move the hot air, or to simply circulate the air in the vehicle and ventilate.

How do you know if the air or heating is on? Very simple: the icons on the screen turn blue when it is cold and red if the heating is on.

All these options can be seen on the 10-inch screen of the IBBC on the dashboard, and without hardly distracting the driver, the vehicle’s climate control can be configured. At Integralia we always want to take care of the passengers on their trip and make sure that comfort reaches the air they breathe.

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