Autocares Fonseca: at the forefront through Renting Integralia

The Navarre company is committed to the constant renewal of its fleet of minibuses.

“If our priority has always been to take care of those who get on our vehicles, our obligation is to offer them the best fleet on the market,” says Carlos Fonseca, who runs the company Autocares Fonseca as the second generation and together with his brother Borja. Their father, Martín Fonseca, started with his first bus in 1953 with the aim of creating a personalized bus and minibus company and not just another road passenger transport company, a mission that has held true for nearly seventy years, despite the company’s unbounded evolution. At the heart of any of their decisions? Its customers: “We pamper them as if we were a small company, but behind that we have the diversity and functionality of the large company that we are,” confirms the founder’s son.

In this challenge of achieving high quality minibuses, renovated to the latest and that can have maximum capacity for customization, is where the paths of Autocares Fonseca and Integralia meet. Since 2014, as pioneers in the Comunidad Foral, Autocares Fonseca has relied on Renting Integralia. “Renting is the perfect solution to forget about the vehicle and focus on your business with total peace of mind,” says Carlos Fonseca. He adds: “Integralia offers the guarantee of a leader, who takes care of the minibus without intermediaries and with more knowledge than if you did it yourself. In addition, they offer the classic benefits of renting: from the agility of having modern vehicles at our disposal in today’s highly fluctuating reality, to the advantages that are reflected in the income statement,” he points out.

The Integralia Renting service allows companies to adapt to business fluctuations over the years, reducing uncertainty and, of course, with great tax advantages. In addition, it is a formula that Autocares Fonseca has been using for more than a decade to retain its position, among other reasons, as a benchmark mobility company in Navarre. “Until recently, most passenger transport companies considered it necessary to have their own fleet of vehicles, something mandatory to prove their success. But times are changing. At Integralia we have developed an exclusive leasing service that breaks with the status quo and is committed to mobility in line with market demand,” says Óscar Lana, Integralia CEO.

In a sector as rapidly evolving as the mobility sector, Integralia has opted to offer a formula that makes its customers feel comfortable when choosing a form of payment. Through this leasing service, they convert the purchase of a bus into a fixed cost, thus making it easier for their customers to have a new vehicle at the end of the contract, or keep the one they had, if they prefer.

Integralia can offer a competitive advantage to companies who choose this method of vehicle ownership. In this way, they are assured of having a state-of-the-art fleet. Renting makes it possible to gradually renew the fleet and to have the most up-to-date vehicles. In addition, this way of owning a vehicle also has great tax advantages, as it becomes a service, it does not appear in assets, amortizations, indebtedness, or in the balance sheet. And, depending on the type of financing, it may not appear in CIRBE (the company’s financial risk report).

Conclusions? The same priorities, both at Autocares Fonseca and Integralia: to place customers at the center of corporate strategies in order to offer them the service that best suits their needs. 

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