Integralia’s bet on Drivelab: an electric, collective, connected and versatile future.

This decade’s mobility revolution is based on three axes: environmental, technological, and human.

“Mobility is approaching the most revolutionary decade since the invention of the internal combustion engine. We can already perceive indispensable axes in the complete transformation that we are about to experience: environmental, technological, and respect for people. These axes point us towards a perfect scenario for Integralia: a future we’ve been preparing for, for a long time. In our company, we take real pleasure in working on innovation. We have long believed that we must enter the future with a highly elaborate and coherent strategy that takes sustainability to another level”. 

These were Óscar Lana’s words, Integralia CEO, during his presentation at Drive Lab last December, a mobility congress held in Pamplona and organized by the Government of Navarre and the NAITEC technology center, with the collaboration of SODENA and the Automotive Cluster Association of Navarre (ACAN).

Integralia’s Electrical range of vehicles

At Integralia, we are already developing a powerful range of electric vehicles, which we will be delighted to unveil in the near future. We think this will contribute to the reduction of consumption, enhancement of acoustic contamination and the versatility of means of transportation for the near future

Urban mobility is going to be the next aspect to be transformed. Private vehicles are still the main protagonist in the heart of the metropolis, but they are increasingly giving way to a new paradigm that can already be glimpsed in large European cities: cars have lost ground to collective, environmentally friendly, autonomous and connected transport.

Public transport: zero emissions and respect for the environment

In this inexorably approaching future, public transport will be boosted as never before with zero-emission electric vehicles, which will be much smaller in size and have a versatility that now seems impossible for the average citizen. They will be vehicles that are infinitely more adapted to their surroundings, and respectful of people and the environment.

Integralia has a clear commitment: the design and development of multipurpose platforms (electric, autonomous and connected). We have been forging this vision for five years, since we collaborated with Ingeteam and other companies in a strategic project for the Government of Navarre. This idea of an electric, autonomous and connected minibus is about to crystallize in several Spanish capitals with whom we have advanced talks to begin its implementation. A new mobility is going to arrive sooner or later, and nothing can stop it. At Integralia we are already working to ensure that our innovative zeal allows us to be part of this revolution.

Step by step, we are opening new paths towards a future that respects the environment and is free of emissions.

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