Vectalia: the leading urban mobility operator relies on the quality of Integralia vehicles

A second-hand minibus opened the Alicante multinational’s doors to Integralia’s new vehicles.

One of the most striking features on Integralia minibuses is their durability with exquisite performance. This values our vehicles above the competition in the second-hand market. Moreover, this competitive advantage has caught customer attention: this is how our adventure with Vectalia began.

This corporation was born more than a hundred years ago with the Alcoy-Alicante route. It has grown since then, specializing in mobility and facility services and establishing itself in Spain, France, and Morocco with a workforce of 3,500 employees. The company works with all types of passengers: regular, school, private, and urban.

Integralia’s good performance

Integralia’s first contact with the Alicante-based multinational was through customer service: they needed spare parts for a second-hand vehicle they had purchased. A closer relationship has developed since 2015, when they already had more than one second-hand minibus in their fleet leaving the Pamplona factory. 

Already reassured with the minibus’reliability and the efficiency of customer service, the Alicante company decided to bet on new minibuses. That was when Vectalia’s managers were really able to verify the possibilities of using Integralia’s vehicles, in addition to familiarizing themselves with our after-sales service, maintenance facilities and warranty work. Since 2018, we have been working regularly to renew this European transport giant’s fleet, with more than a century of history.

Minibuses for route lines and school transport

In 2020 we built three T-ONE XL with specifications for a school transport route, adapted (underfloor platform), destined for Galicia with their partner, Empresa Raúl. In 2021, Vectalia entrusted us again with a fully adapted T-ONE, with underfloor platform, driver’s bulkhead and double rear and side camera. The key to their decision? In addition to the endorsement of years with our second-hand minibuses, the key on this occasion was our buyback service, which allows us to negotiate the possibility of returning the vehicle when certain deadlines or specific mileage are met. 

For five years now, we have been working hand in hand with Vectalia’s purchasing director, Jose Ignacio Pérez-Fligman, with whom we have designed the best vehicles to meet the needs of this leading urban mobility operator.

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