Autocares Rías Baixas orders seven T-One: accessibility and safety, top priorities

The Galician coach company renews its fleet, focusing on ease of entry to the vehicle for people with reduced mobility and on safety features in the minibus.

Autocares Rías Baixas is a historic company in Galicia, with 90 years of experience. During this time it has evolved from a small family company to a true benchmark in mobility. Today, the Galician company is in good enough health to withstand another nine decades dedicated to passenger transport. 

After winning several public tenders from the Xunta de Galicia, Autocares Rías Baixas decided to renew its fleet with seven brand new Integralia T-Ones. Accessibility is a key element in the Galician company’s strategy, so the two T-One references with the most possibilities for people with reduced mobility have therefore been chosen: the one with the vertical rear platform and the one with the platform under the floor. Both configurations of the T-One make it the most accessible minibus in its segment.

The other focus of this project’s development is safety. All the minibuses ordered by Autocares Rías Baixas contain a package with the leading safety systems on the market. The most outstanding elements are the active braking assistant, lane change detector, side wind assistant, hill start assistance, rain sensor, speed-dependent power steering, driving behavior stabilization assistance and dual-circuit hydraulic brakes.

The minibus manufacturing processes have been assisted by the Autocares Rías Baixas team, as a link to guide Integralia’s professional team in the specific needs of their company. Once again, the Navarrese company has focused on working very thoroughly on the development of the customization of the minibuses, in order to satisfy what the Galician company was looking for.

The minibus models with the best accessibility for people with reduced mobility and the safest on the market.

T-One with vertical platform at the rear of the vehicle

The first of the models chosen by Autocares Rias Baixas is the T-One with vertical platform at the rear of the vehicle, the minibus that has positioned itself as the most accessible in its segment. The platform it deploys is the fastest accessibility element in the market and creates a configuration in which the minibus accommodates up to three wheelchair users and 19 passengers, plus the driver, in its interior.

T-One with underfloor platform

The other configuration chosen by the Galician company is the T-One with underfloor platform. The distribution in which they have chosen the minibus is the one that allows carrying up to three passengers in wheelchairs and 22 seats, in addition to the driver. This configuration allows carrying more passengers than the first choice of Autocares Rias Baixas.

All the minibuses acquired by the Galician company are finished with technical leather that stand out for their ease of maintenance, cleaning and durability. The side and roof coverings were also selected for their long life, ease of maintenance and unmatched resistance.


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