UST’s 80th minibus

The French company started its engines in 2016, since then it has relied on Integralia for its fleet of minibuses and will soon receive it’s eightieth vehicle manufactured in Pamplona

In 2016 a historic peace agreement was signed in Colombia, cinemas premiered the movie ‘La La Land’, and Queen Elizabeth II blew out the candles for her 90th birthday. During that same year, a French company contacted Integralia to inquire about a minibus. The newly created mobility company aimed to serve regular lines, school transport, occasional services and tourist trips. 

UST has grown very quickly: in just seven years it has expanded to transport more than one and a half million passengers, 6,000 students go to school every day in their company’s vehicles, and it offers its services at more than 1,800 stops on regular lines throughout France. Figures to celebrate. 

Throughout its growth, UST has always continued to rely on Integralia. Since 2016, it has frequently placed various orders for minibuses to expand its fleet. Its demand? Customized vehicles of all models: ONE, T-ONE and T-ONE Urban.

It’s the beginning of the year and everything is already planned for the delivery of the 80th minibus to the French company, the last order of a batch of twelve T-ONE Urban.

The 80th minibus: a T-ONE Urban

All of the brand-new T-ONE Urban buses have 21 passenger seats, a place for a wheelchair user, exterior information signs and tropical windows. The dozen vehicles ordered by UST are destined to serve the company’s network of regular lines, which has always been committed to service quality. UST has a philosophy of service in which public transport is attractive to citizens and places all its resources at the disposal of the society in which it operates in order to work on excellence within the public services of its region.

UST chooses Integralia minibuses for the quality of the vehicles, their materials, after-sales service and customer service. They value the IBBC, which allows them to resolve incidents remotely without going to a workshop and saves a lot of time in locating repairs and vehicle maintenance. 

No one at Integralia imagined that a company that started its engines in 2016 would pick up such speed: in just seven years Integralia will deliver its 80th unit. At this speed, it is sure to celebrate its 100th order in no time.

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