EDSA continues its commitment to the quality of Integralia’s minibuses

The transport company, based in the same industrial park as the minibus factory, has always trusted Integralia’s vehicles.

In today’s world, it is increasingly common to live without knowing who your neighbors are or what they do for a living. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that the people you met door to door were more than just people to ask for salt or oil, to ask if they would come to the next meeting, to hold the front door for when they arrived laden with bags. Although these relationships are gradually being lost and we increasingly become strangers in our own micro-world, neighborliness can always bring the reliability of closeness. 

Autocares EDSA, a company that has specialized in road passenger transport for more than 25 years, has its headquarters in the Comarca II Industrial Estate. Integralia’s headquarters are located in the same industrial park in Barbatáin. “This proximity has always contributed to creating a very fluid relationship with great advantages, especially in after-sales service”, said Efren Rodriguez, Integralia’s Sales Director for Spain.

EDSA was committed to Integralia’s products from the very beginning, which is why in 1999, with a newly launched company, it acquired its first vehicles with Integralia’s seal of approval. Since then, relations have been smooth and the company has had vehicles with Integralia’s bodywork in its fleet. 

“The relationship with Integralia and the Lana family goes back many years. I have witnessed how a small family business from Navarre has become a national and international benchmark. This has a lot of merit. As for their minibuses, they are completely adapted in terms of quality and performance to the work we do and the after-sales service is very efficient”, commented Juan Luis Olloquiegui, Manager of Autocares EDSA.”

Two ONE to boost school transport

On this occasion, EDSA relied on Integralia to acquire two ONE model vehicles of up to 25 seats with very complete equipment. This order fulfilled the need to renew its fleet, which arose after winning a school transport tender in the Navarra region. 

School transport is a very important pillar for Integralia’s neighbors, but it’s not the only one. EDSA has been able to diversify and has a much more personalized product of high-end car rental with driver, EDSACARS. Their great vocation to continue traveling and to be able to expand their services led them to create a travel agency with which they organize coach tours. Beyond the Pamplona region, where they started their trip around the world, Autocares EDSA has expanded by opening new offices in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Bon voyage, neighbors!

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