Innovation starts from the inside

Integralia believes in innovation as a continuous wheel in which its products are included, but also any of its internal processes: this is how it has revolutionized its factory.

Excellence, efficiency and effectiveness are some of the objectives that Integralia seeks to achieve in all its processes. These characteristics are impossible to achieve if they do not stand alongside innovation as a constant obligation that concerns all spheres of the company in order to be ready for transformation. These pivots sometimes affect the simplest processes, but at other times they involve the total transformation of the day-to-day: this is how they have revolutionized Integralia’s production plant.

The Pamplona factory has evolved over time to adapt to production needs, facilitate team performance and achieve a more efficient workflow. In 2021, an exhaustive analysis of the production lines was carried out in which every workstation, every space and every process carried out by the team of assemblers was reviewed in a search that has yielded great results.

Improvements and efficiency

The latest transformation at Integralia’s factory is inspired by the teachings of Lean Manufacturing, a work organization system that is indispensable for this company. Integralia’s entire professional team is committed to this configuration of production work, although adapted to their own needs. On this occasion, they have managed to improve communication between work stations, reorganized the tasks of each station, and increased dynamism, cleanliness and, consequently, the improvement of all processes. 

The flow of supplies for each stage of production has undergone a total transformation. In particular, some of the external processes have been integrated into their lines to increase efficiency and reduce warehouse space requirements. In the analysis process they found several data that have allowed them to improve the ergonomics of the production team’s workstations, facilitating their work and reducing the physical wear and tear of the people who work in them.

The customer service department has created a space dedicated to on-site after-sales interventions, thus facilitating the work of the team and reducing customer waiting times as much as possible. 

Analyze, plan, test, improve and start the circle again, that is the infinite path of innovation that Integralia follows in its quest to improve its minibuses, to facilitate the work of its team, customer satisfaction, and ensure that when a person gets into one of its vehicles they get  the best travel experience imaginable.

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