Bodywork warranty extension: avoid variable costs and bet on wellbeing

Integralia offers the option of up to five years of coverage on the bodywork of its minibuses.

Quality and durability are two essential requirements for Integralia when designing and manufacturing each and every part of its minibuses. For this reason, the bodywork of any of its vehicles is guaranteed for a period of two years with no mileage limit. 

Is there an option to enjoy a vehicle for a longer period of time with total peace of mind? Of course, that’s why the extended warranty is available, a service focused, above all, on avoiding any kind of shock in mobility companies: variable costs are minimized and controlled through a fixed cost specified in advance. 

In the mobility sector, the option of extending the warranty to the vehicles’ powertrain is more common. However, in the passenger transport sector, the bodywork represents an equally or sometimes even more important value than the one responsible for moving the vehicle. For this reason, Integralia offers both possibilities, which can be used independently or linked together. 

The bodywork warranty extension is requested at the time of purchase of the vehicle and, unlike the first two years, it is linked to the number of kilometers that you wish to link to this service.

The body is as important as the chassis.

The air conditioning, service door electrical equipment, heating, or lifting platform are not working properly. What happens in such cases? The company may be forced to cancel a service. In other words, it would be the same as the minibus being out of service. Hence the importance that Integralia’s designs  place on the selection of the most durable elements and the facilities it offers to perform simple and effective maintenance of the different parts of the vehicle. 

Integralia’s warranty extension allows coverage at all times, a statement of intent about the confidence and, of course, the quality that the Navarre company imprints on each of the minibuses it manufactures.

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