Minibus bodywork maintenance: a few minutes to avoid any unpleasantness 

Care for the vehicles’ bodywork contributes to carry out services with greater tranquility.

The bodywork is the minibus’ shell, an essential element for  passengers on their journeys because it shields them from exterior weather, it helps them step off the vehicle with its lifts or by opening its doors, and contributes, with great efficacy, to create comfort inside the vehicle. And, like a shell, the bodywork must be a resistant element. Vehicle managers often assume that it is an everlasting element, which is why they neglect to check it at regular intervals. 

The scene is often repeated: a customer contacts Integralia because something unexpected has happened. The air conditioning doesn’t work, the elevator fails, or the door has stopped working as it should. Would it have been possible to avoid the annoyance or discomfort? Of course, these circumstances could have been prevented with simple maintenance. In this case, it is not necessary to put yourself in the hands of a technical service. Thanks to the IBBC (Integralia Bus Board Control) guide, anyone can carry out this type of revision on an Integralia vehicle. 

Body overhaul

The bodywork is always the most neglected part during maintenance checks because the powertrain is the one that supports the weight of the vehicle. It’s common sense that the vehicle’s powertrain is vital for it to move, but it is also true that an important aspect is often forgotten, and that is that the rest of the elements that make up the minibuses are necessary to provide proper passenger service.

The three essential elements to pay attention to within the bodywork of a minibus are the most complex systems: the service doors, the elevator (if it is an adapted vehicle) and the climate control system, which is subdivided into heating and air conditioning equipment.

Indications on how to perform these simple maintenance tasks are already integrated into the IBBC manuals inside Integralia’s minibuses. These tasks must be repeated every six months or, if preferred, when the vehicle has covered 50,000 kilometers. In addition, should doubts arise for any of those responsible for the minibus, Integralia’s customer service is always available to resolve them. The bodywork maintenance does not require any technical preparation and, most importantly: by dedicating just a few minutes to it,  unpleasant surprises —which can last for weeks— could be avoided. Minibus bodywork won’t last forever, but a little attention and care can contribute to a healthy aging process. Easy, isn’t it?

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