Bidaideak trusts Integralia for social integration

The Basque organisation for people with functional diversity acquires two vehicles adapted for the transport of people with dependent mobility.

Rehabilitation, employment promotion, adapted transport, active leisure, occupational training, residential care, technical aids, accessible tourism and adapted sports are the areas in which Bidaideak operates. The Bilbao-based organisation aims to eradicate the elements that prevent the integration of people with disabilities and improve their quality of life, as well as being an agent involved in moving society towards justice, inclusion and solidarity.

ATERIK-ATE is a specific Bidaideak service dedicated to adapted transport. The Bilbao-based organisation has a fleet of vehicles designed for people who require technical mobility aids such as wheelchairs. The services offered by ATERIK-ATE are “door-to-door”, i.e. the user determines the route and the timetable. This service can be used by all people with an official qualification of physical disability who cannot use the usual transport network. 

Despite the uncertainty that shook the whole world during the pandemic, Bidaideak showed its great commitment to the services it provides at all times and continued with its strong commitment to maintaining a fleet that is as up to date as possible. In recent years, the Basque organisation has continued to place its trust in Integralia by acquiring several units of vehicles fully adapted to transport passengers in wheelchairs. The relationship between the two organisations has been going on for almost fifteen years now and the latest delivery was two vehicles last October, which will not be the last ones planned for this year. In the coming weeks, the Bilbao-based organisation will receive more units equipped with the latest systems for people with reduced mobility at Integralia’s facilities.

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