Versatile profiles: essential for growth and specialisation

Versatile professionals are key when it comes to undertaking growth and gaining experience in certain activities that allow the work to be carried out while improving the team.

The business structure grows according to the needs and investment capacities that arise for each company at different times. The possibilities of strengthening one or another aspect of the team are infinite, but the resources to be employed do not vary. Simple organisational charts grow and lengthen as specialisation and the ramification of responsibilities progress in companies.

Resilience, willingness to change, foresight, tolerance of uncertainty, willingness to learn, optimism and efficiency? In a world that moves at breakneck speed and with latent uncertainty, many companies have been forced to work without too many whims and in an austere environment, hence the importance of multi-skilled profiles: workers with the ability to carry out various activities necessary for the team depending on the duties and workflows.

The growth of the Integralia team has been organic, respecting the management vision at all times and taking into account the possibilities of each person embarking on the project. The importance of knowing how to handle the work to be developed is key, but for the Integralia team, the desire to learn, the motivation to do so and the capacity to adapt are fundamental. This is where the polyvalence matrix comes into play.

Companies need professionals with the ability to perform different tasks. Teams should have different work patterns and be made up of different skills. Thus, the complementation of the various skills paves the way for fulfilling organisational activities. The polyvalence matrix will then function as a diagnostic of the composition of teams. 

How to know if a team is ready for unexpected challenges? The polyvalence matrix helps to investigate this and to find the answer to this important question. This tool assesses the level of versatility of a team’s competencies and its ability to complete diverse tasks. Specifically, the functional polyvalence matrix records the work of each individual, analyses their skills and assesses their ability to perform in different tasks, based on the perception of themselves or their leaders. 

Integralia works with the approach of building teams with versatile members, capable of developing different activities necessary for the functioning of the company. This type of professional is fundamental when it comes to making a company grow because it allows the necessary work to be developed and specialisation to begin, achieving the objectives and envisioning a future in which a more in-depth preparation of certain issues will be provided, while the company evolves.

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