Cots Alsina, a triple in accessibility for la Segarra

The Catalan company renews its fleet of minibuses by incorporating a T-ONE XL with the capacity to transport up to three passengers with reduced mobility.


To speak of La Segarra is to refer to castles and vast fields of crops, where cereals, olive and almond trees grow. The inhabitants of this region in the province of Lleida have always maintained a strong link with agriculture. However, in this area there have also been entrepreneurs who have created businesses in other sectors to improve the lives of the inhabitants of this Catalan region. 

This happened in 1982, when Father Ricard Cots i Massana launched a taxi service to meet the mobility needs of the inhabitants of the small villages in this region. Given its success, in 1985 a baker, Josep Maria Alsina Bacardí, joined the project, giving rise to the company that today continues under the name of the union of these two figures: Cots Alsina.

Throughout this time, the company has maintained its regional vocation, taking Cervera, the capital of La Segarra, as its point of reference, from where all its transport lines operate. Josep Maria Alsina Bacardí’s sons, Josep Maria and Manel Alsina Farrés, have given continuity to Cots Alsina, which now has a fleet in which the protagonists are minibuses “the company was born and has grown to provide school transport in La Segarra, so we have acquired vehicles in accordance with these needs. We have more minibuses in percentage terms than most transport companies”. 

In 2023, Cots Alsina will blow out the candles for its 40th anniversary, a celebration that will coincide with the incorporation of an Integralia minibus to its fleet of vehicles. This is the T-ONE XL model, which the Navarrese company has created according to the specific demands of its customers. Specifically, on this occasion, the minibus is adapted to transport up to three passengers in wheelchairs with a vertical platform. The vehicle has a capacity of up to 19 seats. In any case, the Integralia product is not a new addition to the Cots Alsina fleet. The company has been familiar with the bodywork company’s vehicles for years and it is the renovation of one that the company has had in its fleet for years.

The minibuses are much needed to cover the 92 villages spread throughout the Segarra region, where vehicles often have to travel on unpaved rural roads. Today, schoolchildren no longer have to wait at road junctions in the open. Who would have thought that the baker and the priest who decided to set up this project would have thought so?

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